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#365Project – 331

I’ve lost out on updating for over 2 months and I won’t be able to cover up for it in a day so today I’ll be updating the pictures I missed for a week or two. From today onwards there would be regular updates.

Talking about the picture, the way the ripples of water create a texture playing around with the light is just amazing; even though its just a shallow swimming pool.


#365Project – 307




Sometimes, I can take control of time.


#365Project – 217

Monsoon warp.

#365Project – 179

Reflection speaks as I get drenched.

#365Project – 172

Another HDR. This time the processing was pretty high. Merging 3 pictures, tweaking the effects and structure and also, introducing a WATERMARK! Now you won’t be able to use my pictures, hah!

I titled this one “We.. Live” and these words are the simplest way I can explain this picture. The dark clouds over the dwelling which has empty barrels of water is enough to explain the hardship they go through but the way the footwear has been arranged also tells us how they live this lifestyle to its fullest.

#365Project – 171

Potraying the power of Vipassanā Pagoda in HDR!