Shot a quickie while hanging out with MirroredBlack (you should check her stuff, amazing writer). I love the way the shadows overlap and play with your eyes. Even while being so simple, this picture speaks so much for itself.


No One Understands Our Love

Spidey and Mannequin being dramatic. Shot and directed by Jugal (fucking hilarious dude who loves doing such shit). Processed by  me.


#365Project – 336

I choose to be here, no matter how dirty this planet might get.


#365Project – 312

“I am saying this for the last time, STOP TREATING ME LIKE A BUNNY!”


#365Project – 304

Random long exposure shot. In a hurry but processing should take care of the rest.


#365Project – 295

So today I’m just playing around with my camera, fiddling around with the sweep panorama mode, and this what I achieve. Though this the cropped version of the wide shot.


#365Project – 277

For some reason, the lighting in this picture just seems so unreal. Maybe its just the effect of the longer exposure.

#365Project – 254

This should be one of my best works. Self portrait of my own eye (top 2) and moms eye (bottom 2) extreme macro shots using Sony Cybershot DSC – HX9V. Best I could achieve till now with the use of a portable torch with dual LED.

#365Project – 73

This came in crawling on the book while we were sketching in the class! Don’t know how but I just remember that everyone around me was freaked out while I was taking pictures of it! It was moving too fast hence the blurriness.

#365Project – 71

The fresh colors of life!