#365Project – 166

Processed another HDR. This is fun!
I have also uploaded the previous one I did yesterday because its just plain awesome.


#365Project – 158

Telling the story from an other perspective.

#365Project – 144

Natures smile.

#365Project – 84

Sunsets have always been soothing to the eyes. But have you ever looked at it from a different view point?
Took this when I was coming back from the trip to Pagoda in Mumbai. A very fascinating place. Upcoming post!

#365Project – 75

Undoubtedly, this is the best picture of the day. The serene gradient giving such a smooth depth, lovely colors of the sky merging with the sunset, the intricate details of the bushes and to top all of that, the stars are captured! I myself am very impressed by this one.

#365Project – 66

Well, the old Hanuman folk tale was true enough. The sun does look like one huge ripe mango trying to hide behind those leaves!

Just another sunset shot