#365Project – 362

Trying a new crop technique. Usually I don’t prefer cropping pictures in this way but for this picture I can’t help but appreciate the way it compliments the photograph perfectly. Also, this was shot at a high shutter speed while travelling in bus. One of those advantages of owning a full frame.



#365Project – 356

Work = Fun. Today’s picture featuring Riteeka.


#365Project – 339

Framed; vintage style.


#365Project – 338

Sunset beauty.


#365Project – 324

Ending pictures of 2012 with light-painting, one of my favorite styles of photography.


#365Project – 299

I like blur.


#365Project – 289

Another favorite from yesterday. Not sure of the name but this is the bassist of Blackstratblues shot at Independence Rock XXVII.

#365Project – 243

Pure Bokeh Love.

#365Project – 239

Ganpati visarjan.

#365Project – 236

My hand on some fancy editing. Can be appreciated?