#365Project – 358

“I used to be like..”


#365Project – 294

This baby is already worried about its future.


#365Project – 273

There is just something too striking about this pose of him.

#365Project – 258

The empty streets.

#365Project – 256

This is the best I could shoot today.

#365Project – 255


#365Project – 237

No more sorrow.

#365Project – 229

Some night street photography. Honestly, I intended to capture something else but I really love this picture too. The movement of the varied people under the line of two umbrellas with the two bubbles flying off from the picture just looks good in its own way. It has its own little story in it.

#365Project – 227

Grounded on the roof.

#365Project – 185

Bollywood: We can live with it, or just finish it.