#365Project – 109

Okay, this is the first time I am trying to set the mood of a picture by editing it. Giving it a cinematic look. This snap was taken while I was just playing around with burst mode. Though this picture speaks blunt tones, I am not going to write about it. What do you think?
Your thoughts in the comment box!

30 seconds of achievement!

Finally, after 4 days of practice, I have mastered this on my HX9V. See for yourself!

#365Project – 102

Finally! After 3 nights of practice I have achieved my result. With the same settings used in #365Project – 101, I’ve achieved this snap. I managed for stable surface was the reason I was successful. Auto Toned in Photoshop for a bit more depth.

#365Project – 94

Another snap from Jugal‘s place. Awesome tap cover was awesome.

#365Project – 81

How about a panorama today?
This snap is from yesterday. Bandra-Worli Sea Link + Taj Lands End in the background. Captured from Bandra Fort.


#365Project – 40

This is not a snap from today, this one was taken on 29th Feb [also, #365Project – 38 was taken and posted on the same day]. I couldn’t resist uploading this one. This one came out to be way to good for itself on a point and shoot. Have a look for yourself.

Everyone knows a classic “Bhutta-vala”. This one is his stove.

Some kind of a similar shot I took at night. This was a fountain. Shot with the possibility of flash.

#365Project – 38

Today I had been out with some friends to Essel World. This is a snap from a ride called “Hoola Loop”. This was the twist in the ride and I took the snap just when they were upside down.

#365Project – 20

This is a snap I took yesterday. Didn’t get time to get out of the house today as I’m leaving tomorrow for #NSM2012 [National Students Meet] in Goa. So that also means my site #365Project won’t be updated for almost a week (except if I get lucky and get a laptop/desktop access).

By this picture wanted to show the loneliness of a tree. A tree, how it passes its life alone. Well, the message is not clearly depicted in this picture, but well, this was taken in a hurry.