#365Project – 298

Morning & Evening.


#365Project – 222

HDR from pictures bracketed yesteday.

#365Project – 220

I took some epic panorama shots today as the weather was great and sky had a beautiful fresh blue hue. The clouds standed out I planned on an HDR, but these look better. Maybe I’ll save it up for tomorrow?

#365Project – 204

HDR shot of sky. Pretty amazing, huh.

#365Project – 173

The Tea Party.

#365Project – 165

Did some HDR practice today and had some amazing results. Processed on HDR Efex Pro.

#365Project – 140

Gods own masterpiece.

#365Project – 112

I love this picture for one solid reason, the bright colors of the flowers + the sky just make it look so much merrier.

#365Project – 83

Clouds never get boring. Always stayed my favorite subject.


#365Project – 20

This is a snap I took yesterday. Didn’t get time to get out of the house today as I’m leaving tomorrow for #NSM2012 [National Students Meet] in Goa. So that also means my site #365Project won’t be updated for almost a week (except if I get lucky and get a laptop/desktop access).

By this picture wanted to show the loneliness of a tree. A tree, how it passes its life alone. Well, the message is not clearly depicted in this picture, but well, this was taken in a hurry.