#365Project – 177

Weirdest crop attempt. Also an HDR.

#365Project – 173

The Tea Party.

#365Project – 156

I wait as the nature balances.

#365Project – 128

I again forgot to change the settings and I hate myself. Anyway, today’s picture.

The truth lies ahead…

#365Project – 106

It gets really sad when I don’t get to leave home for the whole day and I miss any good captures of the day. This one was taken from my room itself. Sigh. I am again going with square cropping today.

#365Project – 82

Definitely my picture of the day. The result of more use of Manual Mode on my HX9V. The complication of the leaves on the tree branch interact very well with bluntness of color of the clouds.

#365Project – 75

Undoubtedly, this is the best picture of the day. The serene gradient giving such a smooth depth, lovely colors of the sky merging with the sunset, the intricate details of the bushes and to top all of that, the stars are captured! I myself am very impressed by this one.

Just another sunset shot

#365Project – 56

An awesome evening gradient! Always such a lovely sight.

#365Project – 30

Well, this one is post edited to bring out the clear silhouette of the tree and the building. The message is clearly shown, keep a perfect balance of nature with up-growing concrete jungle.