#365Project – 95

I look down, the ray of hope turns on me,

I see positivity reflecting on me, the hopes sinking within.

#365Project – 39

I called this image “Walk To Faith”. This one can reveal a lot of meanings. A lot of beliefs or also maybe a lot of disbelief’s. My subject was this sadhu walking down the road but the subject was very interesting to me getting his outfit and expression under consideration. You can see that serious look on his face, the look of tension. It does show that he is deeply thinking about something. If you relate it to a simple lifestyle of a sadhu who religiously live on “bhiksha” or begging, this one seems to have his mindset modified according to the urban lifestyle and the fast paced life of Mumbai. This one has his own set of hopes, aspirations or also maybe, greed. I really give this character a personality as I am unaware of it, but this picture speaks for itself. If you didn’t read this, this might set an another meaning in your brain, but yeah, perspectives differ from person to person.

Post Edited. Masked out the character to set the background different and HDR toning to bring out the overall contrast look of the image.