The serenity of sea, calm and subtle.

#365Project – 331

I’ve lost out on updating for over 2 months and I won’t be able to cover up for it in a day so today I’ll be updating the pictures I missed for a week or two. From today onwards there would be regular updates.

Talking about the picture, the way the ripples of water create a texture playing around with the light is just amazing; even though its just a shallow swimming pool.


#365Project – 240

The flow of bokeh!!!

#365Project – 84

Sunsets have always been soothing to the eyes. But have you ever looked at it from a different view point?
Took this when I was coming back from the trip to Pagoda in Mumbai. A very fascinating place. Upcoming post!

#365Project – 43

Tried some water splash photography today and finally I was successful at it! Check out.

Thanks to @NiTiSHmurthy for the tip.