#365Project – 330

I had been left out from updating on #365Project due to my internet issues and now that its fixed I’ll be back to updating it regularly! How awesome is that! Anyway, there is another news to share with the followers. There is a new camera in the house, the one I’ve been waiting for since 2 years almost, a DSLR. I’ll be updating most of my photographs shot from Canon EOS 6D from now onwards instead of the camera I’ve been using for my whole project till now, Sony Cybershot DSC-HX9V. HX9V has been of a great help to get me through the basics of photography and now EOS 6D should get me through the advanced settings. Thank you for the ones who have been checking my blog regulary, I apologize for the long wait. I’m back to updating regularly now. Starting with my first favorite shot from the camera, an amazing bokeh.


#365Project – 313


On time.DSC07183

#365Project – 299

I like blur.


#365Project – 170

Another HDR. Today I didn’t get any good results because of the bad weather which lead to sad lighting conditions.

#365Project – 108

Heartbeat of a rickshaw!

#365Project – 72

Was playing with shutter speed today. Intended for a different result but got something really good. Totally abstract, totally “flowy”. Not good enough for being the picture of the day, but well.. I liked it!

This picture also had the potential, but its kind of a regular picture. So the previous picture is the picture of the day. How do you feel?

#365Project – 42

Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear. But make sure they’re not way too close!