#365Project – 172

Another HDR. This time the processing was pretty high. Merging 3 pictures, tweaking the effects and structure and also, introducing a WATERMARK! Now you won’t be able to use my pictures, hah!

I titled this one “We.. Live” and these words are the simplest way I can explain this picture. The dark clouds over the dwelling which has empty barrels of water is enough to explain the hardship they go through but the way the footwear has been arranged also tells us how they live this lifestyle to its fullest.

#365Project – 170

Another HDR. Today I didn’t get any good results because of the bad weather which lead to sad lighting conditions.

#365Project – 165

Did some HDR practice today and had some amazing results. Processed on HDR Efex Pro.

#365Project – 164

Rains drops midair. Bokeh!

#365Project – 163

Just a lil jerk because I was trying to save the camera from rain BUTT FAK ET! At least captured what I wanted to!

#365Project – 161

Texture caused by rain. Very impressive, nature.

#365Project – 149

The other meaning.

#365Project – 148

Reflections. The bits and pieces of life.