#365Project – 334

Street life.

Wallbase: http://wallbase.cc/wallpaper/2653173


#365Project – 309

An unclear future.


#365Project – 289

Another favorite from yesterday. Not sure of the name but this is the bassist of Blackstratblues shot at Independence Rock XXVII.

#365Project – 288

Clearly my picture of the day, that is Siddharth Kadadi of Zygnema on the guitars during Independence Rock XXVII. More pictures coming up on my Facebook Page. Stay tuned.

#365Project – 258

The empty streets.

#365Project – 232

This is not something awesome, this is just frustrating. I would want people to be aware of all this bullshit and not spend any cash on these BENGALI BABA’S.

#365Project – 192

Don’t give up and courage will find you a way.