#365Project – 348

Last night I couldn’t update my blog because of some technical issues so this post features 2 pictures in one. Well, the composition asked for it anyway. Just wanted to show how busy Mumbai is no matter what time of the day it is. This was shot on a ferry near Madh Island somewhere near Versova. I would’ve never expected almost all modes of travel to be this busy. At least not by a ferry ride!


#365Project – 334

Street life.

Wallbase: http://wallbase.cc/wallpaper/2653173


#365Project – 328

I am the pigeon that Powai deserves.


#365Project – 320



#365Project – 319

Tree sap.


#365Project – 317

High res panorama of Juhu Beach. Its insanely crowded now a days resulting in the utter mess and uneven environment. I wish it could be more emptier for a serene picture of people enjoying an evening walk or just resting around but looking at such a situation it becomes more iconic because of the lighting of the day, so serene yet so rushed in. We’ll see such ironies almost everywhere in Mumbai, Juhu Beach is one clear example of that.


#365Project – 290

Beauty of a product is unseen in the process of making.

#365Project – 287

That’s Spud In The Box performing at Out Of The Blue, Powai.

You can follow the SPITB on OOTB on Twitter. Their handles are @thejuicykiwi and @OofTB.

#365Project – 280

Diwali long exposure finally!

#365Project – 243

Pure Bokeh Love.