#365Project – 250

Did a quick photoshoot of Nokia Asha 311 for an upcoming review for androsym.

#365Project – 223



Late update. Was stuck in some work. Some geek porn, Nokia E7 is here.

#365Project – 218

A click of my Nokia E7 after a while!

#365Project – 212

I didn’t have any picture for today as I was working all day so let me show my new friend, the Nokia DC-16.

#365Project – 209

This is another shot from #nokiaapptasting. A shot of the hall in HDR. Well, not what I expected because it surely could be better.

#365Project – 208

Something from #nokiaapptasting that was arranged by #indiblogger. An amazing experience, an amazing day!

#365Project – 147

Some light painting I did yesterday. Don’t even ask me the technique!

#365Project – 80

How about some chocolate mousse? This was delightfully tasty with an apricot on the top. Taken on the special event when I held the history in the making. The benchmark in the cameraphone history, The Nokia 808 PureView [Prototype – History in the making].