#365Project – 265

That’s how I see halloween.

#365Project – 263

Full moon day, post edited to make it look better. But what the hell! Taken from a point and shoot!

#365Project – 261

Shadow. (all 4:3 resolution pictures resized to 1024 from now onwards)

#365Project – 219

Spooky picture of the day.

#365Project – 155

Beauty of hidden crescent.

Moon [05/05/2012]

Just some moon pictures I took today ~ technically, yesterday.

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#365Project – 99

So many stories; untold..

I know I’ve already uploaded a picture of moon before (http://wp.me/p1o4iT-bx) but this one is way too good to not upload as the picture of the day. Post editing: Desaturated.

#365Project – 18

Its the moon today. Used full optical + digital zoom. Well, this is result you can expect from a point and shoot, right?