#365Project – 99

So many stories; untold..

I know I’ve already uploaded a picture of moon before (http://wp.me/p1o4iT-bx) but this one is way too good to not upload as the picture of the day. Post editing: Desaturated.

#365Project – 84

Sunsets have always been soothing to the eyes. But have you ever looked at it from a different view point?
Took this when I was coming back from the trip to Pagoda in Mumbai. A very fascinating place. Upcoming post!

#365Project – 82

Definitely my picture of the day. The result of more use of Manual Mode on my HX9V. The complication of the leaves on the tree branch interact very well with bluntness of color of the clouds.

#365Project – 61

Successful Bokeh on P&S on Manual Mode. Yay me.