Shot a quickie while hanging out with MirroredBlack (you should check her stuff, amazing writer). I love the way the shadows overlap and play with your eyes. Even while being so simple, this picture speaks so much for itself.


#365Project – 236

My hand on some fancy editing. Can be appreciated?

#365Project – 203

Something classic found at a classic place. Who doesn’t love it?

#365Project – 158

Telling the story from an other perspective.

#365Project – 140

Gods own masterpiece.

#365Project – 130

This one just looked SO good, I had to watermark this edit.

Dot & Comma – #1

Today I am starting off with a new comic strip. This one is gonna be reaaaally lame though. A conversation between a dot and a comma. This will be getting a weekly update. Do share your thoughts on how do find it!