#365Project – 297

White balance experiment. Turned out bad so tried to balance it out with some processing.


#365Project – 294

This baby is already worried about its future.


#365Project – 172

Another HDR. This time the processing was pretty high. Merging 3 pictures, tweaking the effects and structure and also, introducing a WATERMARK! Now you won’t be able to use my pictures, hah!

I titled this one “We.. Live” and these words are the simplest way I can explain this picture. The dark clouds over the dwelling which has empty barrels of water is enough to explain the hardship they go through but the way the footwear has been arranged also tells us how they live this lifestyle to its fullest.

#365Project – 132

Couldn’t resist updating this one. From yesterday night experiments. I have also been trying some more light painting experiments. I hope to get a successful result soon this week!

I’d title it, “Burn It Down!” dedicated to the new release of Linkin Park.