Photowalk at Churchgate

A photowalk done at Churchgate in Mumbai, India. This place has a multiple choice of subjects scattered all over the city. Looking and focusing on every nook and corner of the street you’ll find something that is interesting and fascinating in its own special way. I did this small photowalk of about about 3-4 hours shooting everything that I like and I’ve selected 12 best pictures to share with everyone. Point of this being less of shooting and more of showing people how interesting the enviornment around you can get when you just try and look, focus on the tiny details around you; it just gets more interesting.IMG_6755 IMG_6763 IMG_6766 IMG_6771 IMG_6775 IMG_6783 IMG_6786 IMG_6787 IMG_6788 IMG_6797 IMG_6808 IMG_6814

#365Project – 302

Evening panorama.


#365Project – 245

Lets try making the picture a little dramatic.

#365Project – 229

Some night street photography. Honestly, I intended to capture something else but I really love this picture too. The movement of the varied people under the line of two umbrellas with the two bubbles flying off from the picture just looks good in its own way. It has its own little story in it.

#365Project – 150

Only in India!

#365Project – 59

The life of India as I see, this a man sleeping on a bus stop bench. Probably drunk, homeless or kicked out emotionally. Well, pictures do speak a lot of words, but this one portrays a lot of emotions. An abandoned soul, resting next to the road probably starving to death. No one could help him except the guy himself decides to get up to turn around the fact and face it. Well, you see many of these poor people in India strolling helplessly around the street but all you can do is look at them while feeling sad for the fact what government doesn’t help us in. I didn’t want to write much, but this is the least I could end up on.

#365Project – 36

Hanging out in India!