#365Project – 350

Moar lens whacking practice. Unprocessed image.

Buy it: http://500px.com/photo/29134157


#365Project – 298

Morning & Evening.


#365Project – 297

White balance experiment. Turned out bad so tried to balance it out with some processing.


#365Project – 273

There is just something too striking about this pose of him.

#365Project – 257

Still going strong.

#354Project – 214

It doesn’t repeat.

#365Project – 206

Broken yet serene.

#365Project – 182

I run faster, faster than your machine.

[fat guy jokes alert]

#365Project – 156

I wait as the nature balances.

#365Project – 143

Tried some more smoke experiments. Thanks to the tip @marvelprash!
Hope to get a perfect result in this weeks time. Sorry for the late upload, got really busy in some other work.