“Bath Abbey” in Bath, UK

So I recently visited Bath in United Kingdom. Had a stroll around the location until the point when I found this Abbey called Bath Abbey. One of the architecturally most beautiful places I’ve been to. The place was decorated with intricate details from head to toe – by that I mean from rooftop to the floor. Every square inch of that place had some or the other intricate detail hidden with a beautiful mastery of work. I decided to bracket some shots here to process as an HDR later and here are my outputs.


Find these on 500px and rate them respectively:

B/W – http://500px.com/photo/55580410

Colour HDR – http://500px.com/photo/55923648


Bath Abbey – one of the most beautiful churches I’ve been to. The serenity that settled in my soul after entering this place is something I won’t ever be able to express in words, even if I try. The intricate amount of detail in architecture, the way the windows lit up the ceiling, the calmness in the lights of the candles, the wide openness of the place – it just feels nice.

I couldn’t stop myself from taking pictures, but I also wanted to just sit and close my eyes. Listen to the silence and dissolve in a moment of serenity.

Experimenting with HDR in Photomatrix Pro with some High Passes and CC in Photoshop CS6.


See you soon.



#365Project – 222

HDR from pictures bracketed yesteday.

#365Project – 220

I took some epic panorama shots today as the weather was great and sky had a beautiful fresh blue hue. The clouds standed out I planned on an HDR, but these look better. Maybe I’ll save it up for tomorrow?

#365Project – 209

This is another shot from #nokiaapptasting. A shot of the hall in HDR. Well, not what I expected because it surely could be better.

#365Project – 204

HDR shot of sky. Pretty amazing, huh.

#365Project – 199

HDR Pro from PS default plugins. Hate it.

#365Project – 193

HDR shot of Chevy Beat. I should officially shoot for them, don’t you think?

#365Project – 191

A different view. Not just another black and white.

#365Project – 187

Sorry for the long almost (more than) a week delay. Was really busy in some work, being honest. And my internet had some technical problems so couldn’t update. Today I am gonna update only 5 posts as on other days I couldn’t get out and shoot at all and got no time for indoor shooting. Here I present to you, an HDR Pigeon!

#365Project – 186

Life is beautiful until you notice the beauty of life.

(HDR, awesome by error)