#365Project – 359

Cheesecake at Candies, Bandra.


#365Project – 262

Theobroma, heaven for your tastebuds.

#365Project – 249

I had pasta today…

#365Project – 80

How about some chocolate mousse? This was delightfully tasty with an apricot on the top. Taken on the special event when I held the history in the making. The benchmark in the cameraphone history, The Nokia 808 PureView [Prototype – History in the making].

#365Project – 78

Street-side pizza!

4 days with the mighty Canon EOS 550D

So the long break I had mentioned before, I was on an educational trip to Goa. An event called NSM [National Students Meet] arranged by MAAC [Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics]. While this event was going on I met some new friends and one of them was an amateur photographer like me. This friend lent me his 550D for some photography and I was on a manual focus spree! Check up some of my works. I am aiming for one soon now.

Note: Lenses used were 18-55mm and 55-250mm