Pumped Up Kicks Cover By Devansh // Filmed By Lunatic Psyche

Guys, today I introduce to an upcoming music artist Devansh. His first cover has been released which is Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People. Amazing shit, you all should watch it. Other links provided in video description.

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OH OH BY THE WAY, this video was filmed by yours truly, Lunatic Psyche.  Other stuff coming up soon. Subscribe and stay updated!


Shot a quickie while hanging out with MirroredBlack (you should check her stuff, amazing writer). I love the way the shadows overlap and play with your eyes. Even while being so simple, this picture speaks so much for itself.


No One Understands Our Love

Spidey and Mannequin being dramatic. Shot and directed by Jugal (fucking hilarious dude who loves doing such shit). Processed by  me.


#365Project – 365

Final picture of my #365Project! Shot with the help of Jugal at his place. Picture style inspired by Evan Sharboneau [a.k.a. Photoextremist].


#365Project – 364

2nd last picture to conclude the project! This shot would be a buffet at JW Marriot in Juhu, Mumbai. From this event.


#365Project – 356

Work = Fun. Today’s picture featuring Riteeka.


#365Project – 353

You can’t touch this.

Buy it: http://500px.com/photo/29505645


#365Project – 343

Light plays with nature.


#365Project – 337

(de) focus play.


#365Project – 336

I choose to be here, no matter how dirty this planet might get.