#365Project – 330

I had been left out from updating on #365Project due to my internet issues and now that its fixed I’ll be back to updating it regularly! How awesome is that! Anyway, there is another news to share with the followers. There is a new camera in the house, the one I’ve been waiting for since 2 years almost, a DSLR. I’ll be updating most of my photographs shot from Canon EOS 6D from now onwards instead of the camera I’ve been using for my whole project till now, Sony Cybershot DSC-HX9V. HX9V has been of a great help to get me through the basics of photography and now EOS 6D should get me through the advanced settings. Thank you for the ones who have been checking my blog regulary, I apologize for the long wait. I’m back to updating regularly now. Starting with my first favorite shot from the camera, an amazing bokeh.


#365Project – 318

For the love of nature and vintage.

(personal favorite, uploaded in widescreen full hd resolution)


#365Project – 254

This should be one of my best works. Self portrait of my own eye (top 2) and moms eye (bottom 2) extreme macro shots using Sony Cybershot DSC – HX9V. Best I could achieve till now with the use of a portable torch with dual LED.

#365Project – 250

Did a quick photoshoot of Nokia Asha 311 for an upcoming review for androsym.

#365Project – 223



Late update. Was stuck in some work. Some geek porn, Nokia E7 is here.

#365Project – 211

In case if you’re wondering, that is not a coal or anything similar, that’s a long exposure of my hand. I was holding a tiny portable torch inside my palm.

#365Project – 60

Some more experiments with maximum optical zoom. I simply love defocus. A try at minimalism today.