#365Project – 317

High res panorama of Juhu Beach. Its insanely crowded now a days resulting in the utter mess and uneven environment. I wish it could be more emptier for a serene picture of people enjoying an evening walk or just resting around but looking at such a situation it becomes more iconic because of the lighting of the day, so serene yet so rushed in. We’ll see such ironies almost everywhere in Mumbai, Juhu Beach is one clear example of that.


#365Project – 220

I took some epic panorama shots today as the weather was great and sky had a beautiful fresh blue hue. The clouds standed out I planned on an HDR, but these look better. Maybe I’ll save it up for tomorrow?

#365Project – 189

Handheld long exposure of 5 seconds.

#365Project – 177

Weirdest crop attempt. Also an HDR.

#365Project – 173

The Tea Party.

#365Project – 158

Telling the story from an other perspective.

#365Project – 155

Beauty of hidden crescent.

#365Project – 56

An awesome evening gradient! Always such a lovely sight.

#365Project – 27

This picture was taken from a bus, hence, the quality and slight blurriness. But it does the job because of the awesome evening moment created.