#365Project – 85

I am really trying hard to take a proper day time long exposure shot of traffic during daytime on this HX9V. I am really helpless until I get a DSLR because there are some limitations to the settings on aperture and exposure. But I won’t stop trying. I NEED A FASTER MOVING TRAFFIC!

EDoF + Bit of Auto-Focus = Awesomeness

I’ve been practicing photography (most probably silhouette photography) on my Nokia E7 (read the note below for more info) till I wait for my DSLR. The snaps below are clicked by me on a photography client in Symbian named MOLOME. Check out the original posts on my molo.me site itself where I have the same nick of lunaticpsyche. Here we go. Like or comment. Please share. Merci!

I’ll keep you updated with more photos. :D