#365Project – 308

Failed attempt at shooting stars.


#365Project – 219

Spooky picture of the day.

Minimal Strips DIY Wallpaper – Special 10k GIVEAWAY!

Click here for the downloadable DIY psd file.

Metal Gradient in Deftone Stylus

I have prepared a little something as a giveaway. Behold, #DIY!

All you have to do is download this file and type your name in and ta-dah! You got yourself a new wallpaper!
Works best with the font “Deftone Stylus” which you can directly get it from HERE. This is the preview of the file:

Download the Photoshop file by clicking HERE.

#365Project – 88

“I was with you, you didn’t want to bee with me.”

– Queen Bee’s daughter

#365Project – 48

A tree looks more awesome when you give attention to those minor details on twigs, trunks and branches.