#365Project – 299

I like blur.


Defocus is good.

Defocus is good.

Defocus is somewhat underrated as a feature of a picture. So there I made another wallpaper to one of my favorite feature in a photograph, the defocus (blur or bokeh in some pictures).

#365Project – 122


#365Project – 92

Took this today while playing around at Jugal‘s place. I was just playing around with my camera and trying to take a good picture when I tried to get a bokeh and it didn’t come out how exactly I wanted it to but it looks better. What do you think?

#365Project – 79

“Living in the dark trap of this open concrete jungle, flying in the limitation of freedom.”

#365Project – 65

Tried out something abstract with defocus. Nothing bad at abstract photography right?

Post editing would have made it look better but I thought to keep it original.

#365Project – 37

Today’s picture is from my home itself. Money plant is what they call it.