#365Project – 298

Morning & Evening.


#365Project – 244

You just need to play around more with white balance settings. I am literally starting to love the effects that this one can give!

#365Project – 241

The wonders of white balance! Long exposure from today.

One with AWB.

#365Project – 222

HDR from pictures bracketed yesteday.

#365Project – 220

I took some epic panorama shots today as the weather was great and sky had a beautiful fresh blue hue. The clouds standed out I planned on an HDR, but these look better. Maybe I’ll save it up for tomorrow?

#365Project – 204

HDR shot of sky. Pretty amazing, huh.

#365Project – 186

Life is beautiful until you notice the beauty of life.

(HDR, awesome by error)

#365Project – 177

Weirdest crop attempt. Also an HDR.

#365Project – 171

Potraying the power of Vipassanā Pagoda in HDR!

#365Project – 166

Processed another HDR. This is fun!
I have also uploaded the previous one I did yesterday because its just plain awesome.