#365Project – 58

Some more photography was done in Churchgate [Mumbai] today. Was strolling helplessly in the search for a good tripod or my picture of the day could possibly would have been something else. But still yeah, I like this picture a lot.

Note: CC was done in Photoshop.

#365Project – 11

Okay, this is not the kind of image a photographer might get highly impressed with but I really like this image for a reason. As you can see, the image clearly shows the wilting tree and an under-construction building behind it. This conveys a dark image behind the light tone of the picture. Clearly wanted to show the wilting of the trees due to the rise of concrete jungle and how complex the process (complicated tree branches and construction bamboos give it a higher feel of it) is getting as humans get more into it. Its hard for us to understand as right now we think less about nature and more about our own good life but later on its going harm us in the later years. Hope my picture conveys the same message without anyone needing to read this.