#365Project – 229

Some night street photography. Honestly, I intended to capture something else but I really love this picture too. The movement of the varied people under the line of two umbrellas with the two bubbles flying off from the picture just looks good in its own way. It has its own little story in it.

#365Project – 49

I am way too obsessed and fantasized by this style of photography. Love that moment where you feel that you have the power to freeze time in your photography.

Here today, we’re overflowing with water!

#365Project – 25

`This was a glass of Limca at night. Well, never saw it from this perspectiv

#365Project – 3

Sorry for a late post, I really didn’t get any time today and tomorrow due to some reasons. This is one really late post today also as you see. This was supposed to my picture for 25th. Really sorry for the late update to the ones who check and to myself as well. Hope you’ll like it.