#365Project – 259

Bokeh for today. Insane, isn’t it?

Defocus is good.

Defocus is good.

Defocus is somewhat underrated as a feature of a picture. So there I made another wallpaper to one of my favorite feature in a photograph, the defocus (blur or bokeh in some pictures).

#365Project – 220

I took some epic panorama shots today as the weather was great and sky had a beautiful fresh blue hue. The clouds standed out I planned on an HDR, but these look better. Maybe I’ll save it up for tomorrow?

#365Project – 197

Of the broken and the abandoned.

#365Project – 189

Handheld long exposure of 5 seconds.

#365Project – 173

The Tea Party.

#365Project – 23

Okay, no wrong intentions behind this one. Hope people spare me for this. Though I wanted to capture the swimming splashes, I couldn’t. Missed the moment.