#365Project – 353

You can’t touch this.

Buy it: http://500px.com/photo/29505645


#365Project – 225

Spotted a Raven someday’s ago. Raven’s are rare near my locality.

#365Project – 174

Couldn’t post anything yesterday due to some personal reason. Here is my entry for yesterday and the post for today is coming up in a moment. Picture cropped to detail. 

#365Project – 156

I wait as the nature balances.

#365Project – 122


#365Project – 105

This is my first picture of the day and also the best one of today. The bokeh looks incredibly awesome. Look at the crows pose! He’s all like, “I stand with pride, bitch.” as if its a Hitler crow.

No personal offence though.

#365Project – 79

“Living in the dark trap of this open concrete jungle, flying in the limitation of freedom.”