#365Project – 357


Buy it: http://500px.com/photo/29872241


#365Project – 350

Moar lens whacking practice. Unprocessed image.

Buy it: http://500px.com/photo/29134157


#365Project – 328

I am the pigeon that Powai deserves.


#365Project – 312

“I am saying this for the last time, STOP TREATING ME LIKE A BUNNY!”


#365Project – 224

A special edit for all the cat lovers.

#365Project – 221


Bokehlicious! HD wallpaper for Bokeh Fans

Special wallpaper for photography lovers who specially love #Bokeh. Inspired from the tshirt Kai from DigitalRevTV (DRTV) wears. Cheers!

#365Project – 105

This is my first picture of the day and also the best one of today. The bokeh looks incredibly awesome. Look at the crows pose! He’s all like, “I stand with pride, bitch.” as if its a Hitler crow.

No personal offence though.

#365Project – 52

Just a street dog taking some rest on gravel. Says a lot for itself. The life of a dog. Roaming lonely on the streets. They were right about them, a dogs life can be hard when you’re just another street dog. Searching for proper food, looking for a comfortable shelter, comfort, and love. Well, this is just a picture. Capture a moment when you just have it. All this might not be true but that it what just the picture speaks for itself.

#365Project – 50

Spotted a squirrel today. One of those cutest creatures alive after baby pandas!

And also, my 50th #365Project post! Woo!