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A simple quote, a simple message. Minimal illustration, fHD wallpaper.


No man can walk out of his own story.


– Spirit Of The West

Pumped Up Kicks Cover By Devansh // Filmed By Lunatic Psyche

Guys, today I introduce to an upcoming music artist Devansh. His first cover has been released which is Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People. Amazing shit, you all should watch it. Other links provided in video description.

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OH OH BY THE WAY, this video was filmed by yours truly, Lunatic Psyche.  Other stuff coming up soon. Subscribe and stay updated!



Another self portrait I tried with a different source of lighting for removing the shadows. Result was completely unexpected during the first try, but yeah, pretty amazing the way it overlaps the shadows giving the picture a dark but psychedelic feel to it.



The serenity of sea, calm and subtle.


Pictures, words and then some.


I walked into the room dripping; in gold…

(Fabulous guest post by Avani Deora, a Jellyfish shot at Sentosa Island, Singapore. Purely unprocessed.)

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Art by the armless sea

A masterpiece by Foto Hungry Raj. You should check out his other works too.

Pictures, words and then some.

Picture-0363Art created by the waves of the sea clashing the sandy shore; giving by washing ashore; taking with uncertainty to follow.

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