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Show stopper.

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Lets try making the picture a little dramatic.

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Pure Bokeh Love.

Adobe CS6 Roadshow Event Coverage – Photoshop CS6 Upgrades

Yesterday, 19th June 2012, was one historic day in the history of Adobe India. If not that, at least it was a historic day in my life. One of the most unforgettable events of my life, THE Adobe CS6 Roadshow or also dubbed as #CS6Rocks hashtag on Twitter. #CS6Rocks, held at NCPA (National Center for Performing Arts) in Churchgate, Mumbai; was one of the most biggest events in the field of graphics, photography and animation. As the sense of obviousness might tell you, this was the official release of Adobe Creative Suite 6, successor to the previous (and awesome) Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Extended. As everyone who is updated to my blog knows, I am a Photoshop and Illustrator artist. I have absolutely no idea on what is web designing and coding so couldn’t cover the Adobe Fireworks and Adobe InDesign session in details but I’ll list down the upgrades in Photoshop CS6 and I hope you use them in your future works. And yes, before starting off, I would really like to thank Adobe Systems India and the Practice team to send me the invitation for the event. I am really glad and I feel privileged to cover the event. Official site link: http://www.adobe.com/in/special/cs6roadshow/ The event was covered by Paul (@pburnett), Michael (@stod) and Karl (@KarlSoule). APAC evangelists for Adobe Systems Incorporated. I’ve done an in-depth analysis of Photoshop CS6 upgrade and a short review of Illustrator too. Here’s what I think…


Firstly, the minor changes in Adobe Illustrator. In my opinion, there were not many tools and changes included in Illustrator CS6 but the new Image Trace option upgrade is way too good to have any more new options.

– Width Tool

You can find this right in the left hand side toolbar under Rotate Tool. This tool is specially made for varying the thickness of the stroke manually. Here’s how it works: First I made this ellipse using the Ellipse Tool (L).

Then using the Width Tool (Shift+W) which I’ve selected right there, I vary its thickness by clicking on the edge of the object and dragging it. Just as simple as that!

So here we have a whole new eclipse looking shape just with one path! How cool is that? So that also means that you can put a color or a gradient in your stroke itself and make an awesome looking illustration saving a few clicks. Like this one maybe?

– Recolor Artwork

This feature has been there in the previous versions also, but it has been improved a lot since the older versions. Since I’ve been not using it as it is used for a lot  of site design work, I think other people who are used to Illustrator can explain this feature better. Basically what it does is, when you select this feature, you can change the color aspects of your work my selecting the specific elements and changing the colors as per specific tones or colors.

I used the default brights color scheme to change the colors. You can do much detailed stuff though. Now for the main stuff I was here for, PHOTOSHOP CS6!


Photoshop has been improving a lot since the time CS2 was launched. Then came CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5 and here it is, CS6. The ultimate release of 2012. Photoshop upgrades have always made the lives of designers much much easier by adding the tools that make the life of a designer easier. Here are some new tools that may just blow your mind. At least, my mind is blown off already.

– Content Aware Move Tool

Now, since CS4 and CS5/CS5.5, we’ve seen the Content Aware Fill and Content Aware Scale Tool which uses an algorithm which is smart enough to calculate the image resolution and scale/fill it such that any other person other than you might not notice a change from the original image. The other tool included in this update is Content Aware Move Tool. CAMT allows you to select an object in an image and move it so that the background is filled in and the character can be placed as per your need. So now you don’t need to worry about not standing on the right position on the beach!

Here I took this image found in stock on deviantArt. There is dog running on the beach side. Well, I don’t really like how the dog is framed (not actually) and I need to change his position. I change his position by this tool then! All I have to do is use the Quick Selection Tool (W) and then use CAMT (J) (found under Spot Healing Brush Tool) and just move it and Ta-Dah! Your dog has been moved! Maybe you might require a little tweak like feather the selection or maybe dodge and burn, but it at least makes your work easier. Here the result after just moving the doggie.

– Auto Recovery feature in Photoshop

This new option is really handy after the ages of Photoshop updates. We have all seen Photoshop crashes, got frustrated over it every time. Lost hours of hard work and regretted saving it. Now here is the savior! Now this handy tool will automatically write a cache file and save it so that when your software crashes, the next time you open it again, it’ll open up the last saved file. You can also set the duration in the multiples of 5, from 5 minutes upto 1 hour. A very handy feature, thanks a lot to Adobe for adding this feature.

– New Blur Filters

New blur options, happy news for photographers! 3 new options: Field Blur, Iris Blur and Tilt-Shift Blur. As the options suggest, that’s what they do. Still, I’ve attached example images below.

– Adaptive Wide Angle Shot

Another awesome feature for photographers. Now, everyone loves them wide angle shots, don’t they? But for some of them, the stretched look of fish eye shots don’t seem appealing. Now they can correct it easily without having to use liquify tool. This tool can directly fix the image using the technique of vertex selection. Here is one example I made for you to understand.

– Selecting Skin Tones

Now you can select the skin tone selectively by using this new feature in Color Range Tool. So if you want to tweak the color on the skin or make an avatar of the character, just use this tool.


– All new Type Menu

This time Adobe has included the all new Type Menu for all your text requirements.  This is how it looks like.

And now for the best one… ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CS6  EASTER EGGS!

– Coffee Cups and Toasts my Photoshop!

Wanna know how? Leave me a comment and I’ll let you know how!

Do you have any other inputs? More updates that I missed? Let me know and I’ll update it.

How did you like the review? Was it easy to understand? Let me know in the comments below and rate my review. Thanks.

#365Project – 39

I called this image “Walk To Faith”. This one can reveal a lot of meanings. A lot of beliefs or also maybe a lot of disbelief’s. My subject was this sadhu walking down the road but the subject was very interesting to me getting his outfit and expression under consideration. You can see that serious look on his face, the look of tension. It does show that he is deeply thinking about something. If you relate it to a simple lifestyle of a sadhu who religiously live on “bhiksha” or begging, this one seems to have his mindset modified according to the urban lifestyle and the fast paced life of Mumbai. This one has his own set of hopes, aspirations or also maybe, greed. I really give this character a personality as I am unaware of it, but this picture speaks for itself. If you didn’t read this, this might set an another meaning in your brain, but yeah, perspectives differ from person to person.

Post Edited. Masked out the character to set the background different and HDR toning to bring out the overall contrast look of the image.


#365Project – 30

Well, this one is post edited to bring out the clear silhouette of the tree and the building. The message is clearly shown, keep a perfect balance of nature with up-growing concrete jungle.

Sunny Leone Photo Re-touch

The power of Photoshop! Retouched the original image of the raging pornstar Sunny Leone who is currently a contestant in Indian reality show Bigg Boss 5. Please leave comments below if she looks any better!