I’m thinking of putting a stop to my journey of wordpress here. WordPress has given me a lot when it comes to blogging. The spread of word and my photographs has been amazing. I got a reach which was more than average for an average blogger (look at dat pun tho). and from here I’ll be staying active on other sites that I’ve been active on, or at least the ones that I’ve been procrastinating for. Here is a list of links where you’ll be able to find me, just in case if I don’t reply to any comments from the comment section –

facebook profile

facebook page







I’m also working on a project that I’ve been meaning to launch since a few weeks. You can check it here.

It was a wonderful experience blogging here. It had its own ups and downs but now its time for me to move on. Updating the posts here had become a chore and I don’t want to blog by just forcing myself to without any advantages of it. I’d rather be more productive elsewhere. So keep a track of me on the other sites and keep a check on my projects. Thank you for all the support provided all these years.

Goodbye :)

2 thoughts on “Conclude

  1. Really miss your posts. Your photography is amazing and i wish you would keep at it. I hope you haven’t given up on your talents and just got really busy. I wish you all the best and request you to continue your blog as it has been an inspiration for me to take up photography as a career choice. I have been using your picture as reference and I just wanted to thank you for sharing your work. Please continue blogging !

    1. Thank you stranger! Really appreciate the support. I’ve been meaning to start blogging again, and I might just do it soon.

      And yes, this is just too kind even if this might just be a spam.

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