#365Project – 134

Something new for today. Guess what tree is this?

Out of the topic, this is another picture I processed today.


4 thoughts on “#365Project – 134

  1. Its not that hard a deal. Go to mode marked as “M” which is Manual Mode and use the settings as Shutter Speed and Aperture to control the length of strokes. As simple as that!
    Do leave a link below when you’re successful with it :)

    1. I’ve looked through the camera at least a million times, and on that setting too. I’ve tried all settings, and I haven’t seen anything for shutter speed. :/ My brother did it once, so I know the camera can, but he forgot how. How do you get to the settings and what not? ‘Cause I’m sure I’ve looked everywhere. Oh and thank you for the help.

      1. As I said before, just set the dial on “M” which is Manual Mode. Then keep the settings as “ISO 100/200”, “10”/30″”, “F8.8”. Try this and tell me if you get your satisfactory result.

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