#365Project – 125

I tried some smoke photography today. It can be really painful  to experiment with this when you’re alone and with a point and shoot because focusing in the dark is a pain in the arse. My equipment for this experiment was as follows:

  1. My HX9v
  2. An upside down bucket (instead of a tripod)
  3. A black t-shirt (backdrop)
  4. An incense stick (smoke)
  5. My E7 (screen for focusing and flash light for lighting)

I post-edited it in photoshop using filters from an external b/w plugin and grains were added intentionally so that they balance out the texture of cloth and the color noise it bought.

Here in the picture, I see abstract figures of chameleon and a face. Anything that you notice?

9 thoughts on “#365Project – 125

    1. You just said everything that I wanted to do!
      The problem was I couldn’t make a proper set and the backdrop was a cloth which gave unnecessary color noise. Will try it better the next time for sure :)

  1. Haha, I love your list of equipment! I think you did a very good job at focusing correctly and this picture turned out great! Thanks for posting it, and keep up the great artwork!

    ~My Blog

      1. haha sorry to say that I don’t know what a DSLR is, however I’m sure it’s some awesome camera equipment! So I hope it comes in soon :) I use my iPad for all my pictures, so I’m not acquainted with real equipment :P

      2. Oh! Digital SLR or DSLR. SLR means Single Lens Reflex. In easier words you may call it a ‘professional camera’. The big boss of photography!
        I hope this helps you :)

      3. Yeah it really does help :) I think at some point I will be getting a “real” camera. But for right now I need to save up my money for… Many things. :P So, for right now my iPad camera will do me just fine ^_^

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