#365Project – 1

I’ve taken up a popular trend taken up by many photographers all over the world. 365 Project. That means, a photograph per day. All you have to do is just upload one photograph of yours per day for a year and you get an awesome album of the best pictures you clicked everyday. This is my first entry. Wanna join me in? Let me know in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “#365Project – 1

  1. HI! glad I found you! i have two questions 1) how / where did you get the censorship button!? and 2) what / where do i get a giant end of the year project 365 photo opportunity? I’ve been making a 365 of a record a day. please comment here or there to help me. Your photography is fabulous. cheers and good luck with your project

    1. First, its under ‘Settings > Protest SOPA/PIPA’. Second, its a project I took up for my own self. Its your own responsibility to upload a picture per day.
      Glad that you liked my works. Cheers! :)

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