Nokia N8: A photographer’s take

So all this time I’ve been posting my works on photoshop and photography here. But photography posted here has been done only on phones (you missed this post?). You liked my works, didn’t you? Anyway, I’ve been active on Twitter for a while and these kind folks at WOM World Nokia gave me a chance to trial a Nokia N8. I still remember how excited I was when the shipment had arrived and I had a BIG smile on my face! So officially, this is gonna be my first review. And my first review goes to the phone with the most powerful camera available (as on the date this post was posted). “THE” Nokia N8. Some months ago, you wouldn’t even imagine a 12MP auto-focus camera on a phone. Now, Nokia made it possible with N8. As soon as I switched on this phone I started taking some pictures to test its hyped camera. I was like,

Landscape shots, yeah good. Close-up shots, WOW! THIS IS NOT A PHONE WITH CAMERA! ITS A CAMERA WITH PHONE!

You don’t believe me? Check these pics out. All have been taken by THE Nokia N8.

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Here are some shots with different ISO settings (Auto, Low, Medium and High respectively).

The box contents are as follows:

  1. Nokia N8-00
  2. Nokia Battery BL-4D (non-removable)
  3. Nokia Connectivity Cable CA-179
  4. Nokia Stereo Headset WH-701
  5. Nokia High Efficiency Charger AC-15
  6. Nokia Adapter Cable for HDMI CA-156
  7. Nokia Adapter Cable for USB OTG CA-157
  8. Quick start guide (and some other stuff that you don’t check anyway)
You read it right. HDMI-Out! So this means you can directly connect your phone to an HDTV and watch your phone UI on your HDTV. And you may also install Nokia Big Screen app to use your phone as a media center. Play your HD movies or music or just show off your photos in HD flawlessly. Okay, and not to forget the HD video support upto 720p. It captures videos at 720p (at 25fps), also. So that obviously means you can play HD videos + play these HD videos on your HDTV via HDMI + play HD games and see it on your HDTV!
As every gadget goes, there are obviously some pros and cons. I’ve listed down some major pros and cons as per my view. They go as follows:
  1. First things first: 12 MP AF
  2. HD video recording upto 720p @ 25 FPS (maybe 30 FPS on Belle update)
  3. Screen could have been bigger and with a CBD.
  4. BCM2727 GPU is helpful but could have been better.
  5. FM Transmitter
  6. HDMI-Out
  7. USB-OTG
  8. Many apps exclusive in Anna update (Shazam, JoikuSpot, Internet Radio, etc)
  9. Can be used as a external portable storage device even when switched off
  10. Nokia Maps
  11. Last but not the least: Premium build quality
  1. The bump created by the xenon flash. Could have been replaced with a higher capacity battery.
  2. Still using 680 MHz ARM 11 processor. Could have been better.
  3. Same goes for 256 MB RAM.
  4. No AF in video-mode (which may be updated in Symbian Anna/Symbian Belle update, hopefully)
  5. Battery life (as I covered up before)
  6. No removable battery (which sometimes becomes a problem if the phone lags)
  7. Ovi Store and Nokia Social are still laggy (Maybe blame it on app devs)
  8. Default browser (which still maybe improved in Belle update)
  9. And what may still bother is pricing keeping in mind the hardware given
Recently, Nokia has launched the Symbian Anna update which got many changes in the performance of the phone and apps. So that brought me to change those pros and cons. The same may happen after the upcoming Symbian Belle update which has revamped Symbian to a whole new level!
After using N8 for around 2 weeks, I’ll like to recommend apps for it too as apps are really important on how you use your phone. The list goes as follows:
  • HDR Photo Camera
  • JoikuSpot
  • Molome
  • Gravity
  • CNN app for Nokia
  • Need For Speed Shift HD
  • Angry Birds
I’ll also recommend some accessories like Nokia BH-905i, Nokia Extra Power DC-11 and a bunch of hardcovers available from Nokia.
Conclusion: Nokia N8 is a great device for photography fans. Also, with the Anna and upcoming Belle update it will be a moment of joy for all hardcore Symbian fans like me. 256MB though disappoints anybody, the camera balances it out. A must-have gadget for any photographer, gamer, entertainment lover.
What do you think about the N8? Critiques to my views?
Comment below and thank you for reading my post!

3 thoughts on “Nokia N8: A photographer’s take

  1. 6. No removable battery (which sometimes becomes a problem if the phone lags)

    – Try press power button 8sec. Make same boot than earlier battery boot
    – Batter can still be replaced (you just need Thorx T4). Not too easy but still doable

    1. I know that we can fix it with an 8 sec power button press. This was not a troubleshoot review. :)

      Torx T4, I won’t recommend that to any users here as you need some sense of knowledge while opening up your phone.

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