25 Things I’ve Learned In 25 Years


Must-read for those who are demotivated in life or feel like they’re not matured enough.

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

1. Do not try to change someone. Date someone for who they are. Either like their qualities, or find someone whose qualities you do like as-is.

2. Learn to love yourself before getting into a relationship. Don’t be in a relationship for reassurance of how pretty you are. You’ll never believe it.

3. If you love someone, tell them, whether it’s your significant other, family members, or friends.

4. Spend more time with your parents. As we get older, so do they.

5. It is okay if you are not in a relationship, even if everyone else around you is getting engaged and married. Do not settle just because you think you should.

6. Do not wait for retirement to travel the world. Do it while you are young and mobile. Who knows if you will be alive for retirement?

7. Bad days do not last forever, neither do good…

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Parting Ways

Originally posted on Epic thought:

“Why do you have to go?” he asked her as she lay there on him, her gaze fixated on his. That brief moment of silence spoke volumes more than what could be borne by either, placing them in a solace neither could break walls of. 

Even the breeze had a different essence that day; the room between their lips in a muddled haze. The tear trickled and disappeared somewhere, lost just the way she always had been.

With the courage of a willow swaying by the wind, she mustered an inaudible syllable; that could at best be pronounced of as fear and ice.

“So I can come back, to you”, she lied with a grin, acting in a play with neither spectator nor cheer. Smiling, he enveloped them to some other land; devastated just as she was, broken just like the bond he survived off.

All because it was easier…

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Random Post

This is a random post with some random bunch of words working out to build up something random in your head. Here is some random image to make you think about something more random then the collection of this random words.

Thats a random image of a crow. Or is it not? No that’s a human with a crow mask. Or is it a crow with a human body costume? I don’t random know. Now this topic is getting out of control. Its becoming way too random. A bunch of random words taking over this topic. Cheese. Cycles. Dogs. Stars. Rob Swire. Muhammed Ali. Blue. Giggity. Random random random. Bye.


James Blake – Retrograde

Fucking brilliant. Just go and listen.

The Journey


While taking some pictures of this interesting bike I found in Kings Cross (London), I accidentaly framed this couple in the background bokeh. I love the way I still can see the guy smile even though its blurred. It shows how the couple is still having fun in this journey of life just like how the kid must be enjoying riding this bike. It isn’t the journey, its how you make it worthwhile.


Husna by Hitesh Sonik featuring Piyush Mishra

Found this amazing track while looking around for some good compositions from Coke Studio @ MTV. I love how this show makes the concept of fusion of classical and modern music come to life and almost all compositions are near to perfect. I found it on the list of YouTube Mix. Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6eP7jzhfXwQ&list=RD15Pt0nqbSJiEE

A Long Journey (with a many-few updates)

Hello people who sometimes follow my blog or get lost onto the internet and stumble on my site or just reach here via StumbleUpon. I’ve had an internet problem for almost 3 months now and by the time I carried that problem when I was India, I’m still on with it while I’m in London. Yes, I’ve reached London for further studies in University of the Arts London – London College of Communication. So I would just want to leave an update here: from now onwards almost all my blog posts, or maybe a few-many posts will be a part of a college project or might just be an independent collection as I have been uploading before. I’ll be mentioning “college project” under a post which refers to a college project so I would appreciate if people respect the work and not use them anywhere expect my permission (contact details on about page) or I’ll seriously take you down. Also, two of my collections are already under progress named “Experimence North India” and “Photowalk – London College of Communication”. So wait for it as it comes soon this September ‘hopefully’. Here is one picture I’m uploading from my phone just to serve the purpose of a teaser.