About Me

You’ve stumbled upon my photo blog. I am Lunatic Psyche, but people prefer calling me Harsh Sodi in real life. Yeah, I call them weird. My interests include photography, doodling, designing and illustration, music, and almost everything that can be related with the word ‘art’. My photography would mostly include street, long exposures and abstract styles.
So talking about my blog, I share my photographs here, most of them being quickies I shoot as I walk along with my camera, stuff that I find interesting around me. My gear includes a Canon EOS 6D with a 50mm f/1.8 lens and a Sony HX9V. I also reblog stuff from the interweb that I find amusing or interesting.

Just in case, if you would want to contact me, or drop a suggestion, maybe a critique, or just say HELLO!; you can find me on the following websites too:
Personal Profile | Page | Twitter | about.me

Email: harshsodi@live.com

Also, you can buy my full resolution pictures and prints from here: http://500px.com/harshsodi

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