A Long Journey (with a many-few updates)

Hello people who sometimes follow my blog or get lost onto the internet and stumble on my site or just reach here via StumbleUpon. I’ve had an internet problem for almost 3 months now and by the time I carried that problem when I was India, I’m still on with it while I’m in London. Yes, I’ve reached London for further studies in University of the Arts London – London College of Communication. So I would just want to leave an update here: from now onwards almost all my blog posts, or maybe a few-many posts will be a part of a college project or might just be an independent collection as I have been uploading before. I’ll be mentioning “college project” under a post which refers to a college project so I would appreciate if people respect the work and not use them anywhere expect my permission (contact details on about page) or I’ll seriously take you down. Also, two of my collections are already under progress named “Experimence North India” and “Photowalk – London College of Communication”. So wait for it as it comes soon this September ‘hopefully’. Here is one picture I’m uploading from my phone just to serve the purpose of a teaser.



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